Wi-Fi & 3G or 4G

Turn on Your Wi-Fi

1. Open Settings by tapping on the icon, then select Wi-Fi from the left sidebar.

ios8 settings icon

2. Turn Wi-Fi On by tapping on the toggle.

3. If you are on campus at Cal Poly, choose SecureMustangWireless, otherwise choose the network you would like to connect to.

wi-fi unselected

4. Enter your login information, and tap Join when you are finished.


5. Accept the network certificate.

network certificate

A check mark will appear next to the network you are successfully connected to.

wi-fi final

Cellular Data (3G, 4G)

If you have a 3G or 4G cellular data account with Verizon or AT&T, you should turn it off on your iPad when you are not using it to avoid accidentally exceeding your iPad's data cap that you pay for each month. If you have cellular data on, your iPad will switch to that mode whenever you walk out of Wi-Fi range. This is important to consider since it is fairly easy to exceed your iPad's data cap when you are streaming a movie or TV show to your iPad. Turning off 3G/4G is also a good way to conserve battery power on your iPad.

To turn the data connection off:

1. On your iPad, tap on Settings.

2. Locate Cellular Data on the left-side menu. Note: If you do not have an iPad capable of providing data through cellular, you will not see this option.

cellular data turned on

3. The iPad will tell you if it is on or off from the menu, but you will need to tap Cellular Data and go into the next level to turn its settings off.

4. Once in the Cellular Data settings, tap the switch at the top from on to off. This will disable the 3G/4G connection and force all Internet activity to go through Wi-Fi. 

Note: This will not cancel your 3G/4G account. If you really wish to cancel your account, you will need to go into the View Account settings and cancel it from there.

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