Our Favorite Apps


Bamboo Paper Icon

Bamboo Paper (Free)

A notebook app designed for a realistic inking experience. Add detail, enrich your notes with photos, build a library of notebooks, and share your ideas. This app works best when paired with the Bamboo Stylus from Wacom. See: Goldilock's Search for the Perfect Stylus

Learn to Draw Icon

Learn to Draw (Free)

World-class art instruction at your fingertips, great for every age and skill level. Each drawing tool is adjusted to closely resemble its real-world counterpart, and you can modify aspects of each tool to suit your preference. Foster growth by purchasing new lessons from within the app, and share your finalized renderings via Email, Facebook, or Twitter.

Paper by 53 Icon

Paper by Fifty-Three (Free)

An easy platform to express and share your creative ideas through sketching, writing, drawing, outlining and coloring.

SketchBook Express Icon

SketchBook Express for iPad (Free)

Use professional-grade tools and brushes to create doodles, quick sketches, or artwork on-the-go.

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Animate It Icon

Animate It ($2.99)

Make your own animations with the help of world famous Aardman Animations Studios, creators of Wallace & Gromit. This simple, easy to use animation app will have you creating your own stop-motion animations on the go in no time! One of the best features of this app is that it can easily to time-lapse video of an event. Very easy to do and effective!

Art Lite Icon

Art Lite (Free)

Features 10 famous artists with full biographies, more than 700 pictures, a quiz game, and many other features. You can save, add to favorites, or email images. You can access offline browsing with a bulk download feature or search by artist name or work title.

Chem Pro Chemistry Tutor Icon

Chem Pro Chemistry Tutor (Free)

Chem Pro is a chemistry tutor on your iPad, and the only resource you will need to excel in AP Chemistry, or General Chemistry. This app features an exclusive lesson library containing a total of 80 videos that cover the entire course of AP and General Chemistry. It also features flash cards, a periodic table, a molar mass calculator, a unit converter, and an equation sheet, allowing you to save a lot of time.

City Tree Icon

City Tree ($3.99)

From Cal Poly's own Botany professor --Dr. Matt Ritter--this easy to use app helps to quickly identify any city tree. With it, you can learn over 300 of the world's most common urban trees. Browse, identfy, explore, share more than 600 high quality images and drawings.

Evernote Peek Icon

Evernote Peek (Free)

This app is a great study tool for flash card-type questions and allows you to quiz yourself based off of notes you have in your Evernote notebooks.

GFlash+ Icon

GFlash+ by gWhiz, LLC (Free)

This is an innovative, free mobile flashcard app. You can create unlimited amounts of flashcards that are easily sharable with others through email or iTunes File Sharing. This version allows you to track your improvement, do reverse Q&A, integrate easily and quickly with Google Docs, and provides HTML support. Highly recommended by the CTLT.

Interaction of Color IconInteraction of Color by Josef Albers (Free)

This app is especially for our GrC, Art & Design, Architecture and Landscape Architecture friends. First published in 1963, Josef Albers’s Interaction of Color is one of the most influential books on color ever written. The classic text achieves its full, interactive potential in this stunning new application for iPad -- the ability to manipulate the color plates is what makes this app truly amazing. The full app is free to download and features a sample of Chapter 10, including accompanying text, video commentary, two interactive plates, and the palette tool. The complete app--featuring the full text, 125 plates, 60 interactive studies, and over two hours of video commentary—can be unlocked through an in-app purchase.

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iTunes U Icon

iTunes U (Free)

Access complete courses from leading universities and other schools, plus the world’s largest digital catalog of free education content. Take notes and highlight text in iBooks, take course notes within the tool, access course materials, and share favorite courses with your colleagues!

iTunes U Video Tutorial

Memorization Board Icon

Memorization Board (Flash Cards) (Free)

Set your target date for memorizing your flashcards as well as the conditions you need to meet to have achieved “successful memorization.” You can include hints, reverse questions and answers, and mix up the order of the cards.

Piazza Icon

Piazza! (Free)

Piazza is the leading social learning platform for higher education, used by hundreds of thousands of students for quick and accurate answers to their questions. If you’re a student, the Piazza app lets you ask and answer questions in all your Piazza classes from your iPhone and iPad. If you’re an instructor, the app gives you a simple way to check in on your students in any spare moments.

Quick Key Mobile Icon

Quick Key Mobile (Free)

This tool allows you to scan paper quizzes, tests and surveys, then run analytics and upload the data to your electronic grade book, all through your phone! This easy-to-use tool doesn’t even require a network connection.

Socrative Student Clicker Icon

Student Clicker – Socrative (Free)

Socrative brings smart clickers, student response, and ease of use to a whole new level. Be engaged for the entire class with educational exercises and games. Works on any device with a web browser: tablets, smartphones, and laptops.

Socrative Video Tutorial

Socrative Teacher Clicker Icon

Teacher Clicker – Socrative (Free)

Socrative brings smart clickers, student response, and ease of use to a whole new level. Engage the entire classroom with educational exercises and games while capturing student results in real-time. You can ask questions, give a quiz, create a quiz, or play games. 5 stars for this one!

Socrative Video Tutorial

Stars Icon

Stars (Free)

Stars is an application that displays the 88 constellations in the sky. Just touch the screen and see the universe moving around you.

Storyrobe Icon

Storyrobe ($0.99)

Storyrobe is an innovative tool for creative self-expression with the digital media that matters most – your own. Includes features like adding photos, adding narration, sending to YouTube, and emailing your story. A great way to encourage students to get started with digital storytelling.

StumbleUpon App Icon

StumbleUpon! (Free)

StumbleUpon helps you discover and share great websites. As you click
Stumble, high-quality pages are delivered to your device that match your personal preferences.
These pages have been explicitly recommended by your friends or one of 8 million+ other websurfers with interests similar to yours. Rating the sites helps you discover great new sites.

Vocabulary Icon

Vocabulary.com (Free)

A fun learning game that helps build your vocabulary. This helpful app is customized to your wants and needs and allows you to play games and compete with users from around the world. Definitions are written in understandable language and are used in real-world examples so that you are sure to remember them.

VoiceThread Icon

VoiceThread (Free)

With VoiceThread you can create and share dynamic conversations around documents, snapshots, diagrams, and videos. You can talk, type, and draw right on the screen.


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IMDb Icon

IMDb Movies & TV

The world’s largest collection of movie, TV and celebrity info. Here you can find plots, photos, ratings, trailers, reviews, actors, quotes, trivia and more. This app also includes an easy tool to find show times in theatres near you.

Lumosity Moble Icon

Lumosity Mobile (Free)

An app to improve memory and attention through brain challenges designed by top neuroscientists. Praised by the Harvard Business Review, The Guardian, AppScout, Wall Street Journal and used by 60 million people worldwide. Break up your day with a little brain training.

TV Guide Mobile Icon

TV Guide Mobile (Free)

TV Guide’s official app provides listings 24/7 and additional exclusive content. Use the “watchlist” function to organize your favorite shows, sports teams, movies and actors and where to watch them, whether it be on TV, on demand, streaming or DVD. The app can also redirect you to other sites to watch TV and movies instantly. You can also check in and share what you’re watching through Facebook, Twitter and other platforms.

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Health & Fitness

Lose It Icon

Lose It (Free)

This effective weight loss program will track your food intake and exercise, help you set a daily calorie budget and stay motivated. This app connects you with the tools and people necessary to make and meet healthy, sustainable goals. FitNow customizes the program to your goals and lifestyle to ensure attainable and beneficial targets.

Moves Icon

Moves by ProtoGeo (Free)

Automatically tracks everyday exercise and commutes. Keeps a record of walking, cycling, running, places you’ve been, steps and calories burned for each activity.

WebMD Icon

WebMD for iPad (Free)

This app includes a Symptom Checker where you can input your symptoms and learn about potential conditions. It also includes First Aid tips, local health listings, and a drug and treatment database.

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FedEx Icon

FedEx Mobile (Free)

FedEx Mobile provides a quick and easy way to manage your deliveries. You can track the status of your packages, find FedEx locations, and customize your shipments and deliveries.

Find My iPhone Icon

Find My iPhone (Free)

If you misplace your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac, the Find My iPhone app will let you use another iOS device to find it and protect your data. This app will help you locate your missing device on a map, play a sound, display a message, remotely lock your device, or erase all the data on it.

Hanx Writer Icon

Hanx Writer by Hitcents.com, Inc. (Free)

A re-creation of the manual typewriter experience by Tom Hanks. Enjoy the look, feel and sound of the old-fashioned typewriter while still having the modern luxuries of being able to email, print, and share your documents.

Open Table Icon

Open Table (Free)

This app helps you explore great restaurants, find available tables and make reservations at over 20,000 restaurants in North America. The more you use it the more reward points you earn. You can find restaurants by location, cuisine, or both, then narrow your search by price, rating, or distance. You can even browse reviews and photos, invite friends to dine with you, include special requests in your reservation, and add reservations directly to your calendar.

Trulia Icon

Real Estate by Trulia (Free)

This app will help you to find the perfect home, wherever you are. You can easily adjust filters to see real estate listings just right for you, and then save your favorites. You can set up updates on homes you’ve saved or when there are new real estate listings that match your criteria.

Zillow Icon

Real Estate by Zillow (Free)

With Real Estate by Zillow, you can find homes for sale, homes for rent, foreclosure listings, see records on the taxes of a home or what it was sold for previously and more. You can save your favorites and searches and access them from Zillow.com or any mobile device.

Starbucks Icon

Starbucks (Free)

The redesigned, official Starbucks app allows you to use your iPhone or iPod Touch to check you Starbucks Card balance, reload your card, track your rewards, view your transaction history, transfer balances between cards and pay/tip at most Starbucks locations. You can add this app to your Passbook. In email, receive Starbucks notifications and send Gifts to friends. The updated app also includes a store locator and a built-in Uber car requester function.

Subway California Icon

Subway California by ZippyYum (Free)

Order online through your phone. With this app you can find the nearest Subway location that takes smartphone orders, see each sandwich in “mouth-watering detail” and build your own sandwich. With this interactive view you can review nutritional information and watch as calories and prices change as you build your sandwich. You can make group orders by sharing your cart. You can also save your favorite sandwiches or easily repeat a past order. Use it to skip the long lines at the Cal Poly Subway.


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Cleartune Icon

Cleartune ($3.99)

Cleartone is a chromatic instrument tuner and pitch pipe that allows you to quickly and accurately tune your instrument using the built-in mic in your iPhone. Cleartone can tune acoustic or electric guitars, basses, bowed strings, woodwinds, brass, piano, timpani, tablas, and any other instrument that can sustain a note.

Finale Songbook Icon

Finale Songbook (Free)

Finale SongBook transforms your iPad into an interactive music folder so you can view, play, and print music scores created by the entire family of Finale products.

ForScore Icon

ForScore ($6.99)

Musicians: Shelve those 3-ring binders, get organized! Download and play something new in seconds. With forScore, your sheet music has never been better—it’s everything you can do with paper, and so much more!

Fret Surfer Bass Trainer

Fret Surfer Bass Trainer (Free)

In two main game modes, fret by note and note by fret, you will be quizzed on your knowledge of the fretboard. Statistics are recorded to show your strong and weak points. You can customize which strings and frets to be quizzed on. Fret Surfer is a great way to learn the notes of the electric bass and take your playing to the next level.

Fret Surfer Guitar Trainer Icon

Fret Surfer Guitar Trainer (Free)

If you’ve ever wanted to know every note on your guitar, then this app is for you. Fret Surfer works through two game modes: finding a fret when given a note and a string, and finding a note based on a given fret. The game is customizable with number of questions, options for which notes and strings to quiz, and how much time per question.

Fret Surfer Mandolin Trainer Icon

Fret Surfer Mandolin Trainer (Free)

In two main game modes, fret by note and note by fret, you can be quizzed on your knowledge of the fretboard. Statistics are recorded so you know where you need more practice; and it costs much less than a single mandolin lesson! Fret Surfer is a great way to learn notes and take your playing to the next level.

Garage Band Icon

GarageBand ($4.99)

GarageBand turns your iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch into a collection of Touch instruments and a full-featured recording studio so you can make music anywhere you go. Highly recommended!

GigBabyFree Icon

GigBabyFree! (Free)

GigBaby! is a practice, rehearsal, and performance tool for musicians who play solo or in groups. It comes with: a metronome, four track recorder, drum machine, set list manager, and the ability to share songs with others.

Guitarist's Reference Icon

Guitarist's Reference ($4.99)

The Guitarist Reference app includes a guitar chord encyclopedia, everything you ever wanted to know about scales, chord scale relationships, arpeggios for the modern guitarist, a reverse chord finder tool, and more!

iBone Icon

iBone ($2.99)

iBone is the trombone for your iPhone or iPod Touch. Play it anywhere. You can practice and learn scales and songs or play along with music from your iPod library. Whether you play trombone and need something more portable or you’ve never touched one but want to learn, try iBone.

iReal Pro Icon

iReal Pro - Music Book and Play-Along by Techmino LLC ($12.99)

This easy-to-use app helps musicians of all levels improve. Through high-quality digital audio, it simulates a band that accompanies you while you practice similar to Band-in-a-Box. You can create and collect chord charts from your favorite songs and then edit, print and share. There are 35 different accompaniment styles to choose from including Jazz, Cha-cha-cha and Bossa Nova. You can also use it to play, edit and import songs and create playlists. A little pricey as apps go but well worth it!

iStroboSoft HD Tuner

iStroboSoft HD Tuner ($9.99)

With this app, you can tune your electrics, acoustics, brass, and woodwind instruments quickly and easily with 1/10th cent strobe precicion. Excellent - worth the price!

Smule Ocarina Icon

Ocarina ($0.99)

Ocarina turns your iPhone or iPad into an ancient flute. Sensitive to your breath, touch, and movements, Ocarina is more versatile than an actual flute. You can blow air into your mic to create music, touch combinations of holes to play notes, tilt to change vibrato rate and depth. Put your songs in the Ocarina database to share with others. A whole online community is built upon this app and Stanford University even has an iPhone Ocarina Orchestra! Great fun!

Pandora Icon

Pandora (Free)

Pandora Radio is a free personalized radio that only plays music you’ll love. Just start with the name of one of your favorite artists, songs, or classical composers, and Pandora will create a custom “station” that plays similar music.

Pianist Pro Icon

Pianist Pro ($4.99)

Pianist Pro is a virtual piano designed specifically for the iPad. It includes full MIDI import and export capability to play from your MIDI keyboard, allowing you to record song ideas while on the road and export them to your digital audio workstation back at the studio in addition to other convenient features.

Pro Metronome Icon

Pro Metronome (Free)

With this app, 7 metronome tones are provided, as well as real time playback technology. It is extremely precise, even better than traditional mechanical metronomes. The accents of the beats can be customized in addition to many other useful and convenient features.

Shazam Icon

Shazam (Free)

With Shazam, identify songs in as little as 1 second by having Shazam listen to audio that is playing. After Shazam deteremines what the song is, you can preview or buy the track; get streaming lyrics, YouTube videos and more. You can also tag TV shows anytime for music, celebrity buzz, and trivia.

SoundHound Icon

SoundHound ($6.99)

SoundHound features fast music recognition, including singing and humming recognition. You can also see lyrics move in time with the music and several other features.

Tunable Icon

Tunable: Tuner, Metronome & Recorder by Affinityh Blue ($2.99)

The visual toolkit for musicians. Includes a chromatic tuner, tone/chord generator, metronome and recorder that helps you play in tune and on beat. Also includes a transposing feature that can transpose for any instrument. The line on the screen will monitor how steady the pitch is and it will pulse to indicate changes in tempo. You can record and share through email, SoundCloud, Dropbox and more.

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Photography & Design


Canva Icon

Canva - Graphic Design & Photo Editing (Free)

Simple graphic design app. Includes more than one million layouts, stock photographs and illustration. This app also includes a very easy photo editor that allows you to create a consistent look and feel. It makes it easy to collaborate with coworkers or clients and easily publish your finished product.

Fontspiration Icon

Fontspiration by Extensis (Free)

Choose an image from your photos library, write something with any font, let it add some cool animation and save it as an animated GIF or video. Inspire others with your creative juices. Lots of fun!

Pixelmator Icon

Pixelmator by the Pixelmator Team ($9.99)

A powerful image editor for creating, editing and enhancing your images. Includes dozens of templates to which you can add effects, frames and text. It also includes a painting app, retouching tools and professional-grade color correction tools. You can make collages and share them through email, iCloud, Flickr, Twitter and Facebook. One of the best photo editing tools you'll ever need!

Photo Editor Icon

Photo Editor by Aviary (Free)

A fun and simple way to make beautiful photos quickly, using professionally designed filters, creative stickers and frames and touch-up tools. This app ensures high-resolution output on saved images.

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Profile Image

ABC News (Free)

The ABC News app makes it faster and easier to browse the day’s most engaging news. You can see headlines from ABC News’ top stories, weather forecasts, award winning coverage of news from Good Morning America, World News, Nightline, 20/20, and This Week.

Profile Image

Huffington Post (Free)

The Huffington Post app brings you up-to-the-minute articles, photos, videos, and blogs in a dynamic and personalized experience. You can customize your settings so you can be part of the conversation on topics that matter most to you. The app lets you share your favorite stories with friends in your social networks, and it’s global -- the app connects you with the best from Huffington Post’s international editions.

KVEC News Talk 920 Icon

KVEC News Talk 920 AM Radio by El Dorado Broadcasters, LLC (Free)

Listen to KVEC News Talk 920 wherever, using your iPhone, iPod or iPad. Get your Dave Congleton fix! This app allows you to connect with the station through Facebook and Twitter.

Profile Image

NPR (Free)

Experience NPR in magazine style with a focus on News, Arts & Life, and
Music content that’s broad, deep, and timely. It’s NPR like you’ve never seen
it before. The app also replicates popular features of the NPR News iPhone
app, including playlist, hourly newscasts, station finder, and sharing.

Profile Image

NY Times (Free)

Take the high-quality news and information of The New York Times with you
on the go. Some of it is free but the good stuff requires a NYT subscription.

Profile Image

TUAW (The Unofficial Apple Weblog) (Free)

This app is your source for tips, reviews, news, analysis, opinion, and galleries on everything Apple. This app showcases exactly the same content displayed in the TUAW.com website. The App features articles and galleries from 20+ categories, and will keep you current with daily updates delivered to your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch.


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Board Cam Pro Icon

Board Cam Pro ($4.99)

Board Cam transforms your device into an enhanced document camera or a whiteboard. Perform live dynamic presentations of objects; interact with images stored in your device, draw on a whiteboard, or over video streaming without changing the application while you record videos.

Explain Everything Icon

Explain Everything ($2.99)

Explain Everything is an easy-to-use design, screen casting, and interactive whiteboard tool that lets you annotate, animate, narrate, import, and export almost anything to and from almost anywhere. No account is necessary. 5 stars for this one!

Explain Everything Video Tutorial

Haiku Deck Icon

Haiku Deck (Free)

This app makes it easy to create stylish presentations. Called, “the Instagram for pitch decks,” Haiku Deck uses image-rich displays and allows you to import images from your iPad, Flickr, Instagram, Facebook, Dropbox or other online sources. You can use your iPhone as a remote in presentation mode. It’s easy to share and present. An excellent presentation tool.

Keynote Icon

Keynote for the iPad by Apple, Inc. ($9.99 or free on iPad Airs and up)

Keynote is the most powerful presentation app ever designed for a mobile device. Built from the ground up for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch, it makes creating a world-class presentation — complete with animated charts and transitions — as simple as touching and tapping.

Keynote Remote Icon

Keynote Remote ($0.99)

Keynote Remote lets you control a Keynote presentation on your Mac, iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch from another iPhone or iPod Touch in the room. While you present, view your current slide and presenter notes or current slide and next slide.

Keynote Remote Video Tutorial

Nearpod Icon

Nearpod by Panarea (Free)

This educational app is used by 5,000,000 students. It’s a great tool for classrooms that have sets of iPads, iPods iPhones or Macs. Through it, teachers can manage students’ content on their iPads, combining presentation, collaboration and real-time assessment tools. Teachers can use Nearpod to create, download and share content with students and manage the flow of the lecture. 5 stars for this one!

Prezi Icon

Prezi (Free)

Create, edit, present, and share your prezis anywhere with simple intuitive multi-touch gestures. Drag to pan and pinch to zoom in or out of topics, just like you do in many map apps. Revise and retouch your priezis, correct typos, and adjust your presentation on-the-fly. Prezi for iPad is the perfect companion to your Prezi experience.

Slideshark Icon

SlideShark (Free)

Create a PowerPoint on your computer and then upload it to your Slideshark account to display it from your iOS device with correct fonts, animations, graphics, hyperlinks, and colors intact. You can even download the presentation to your device and present offline. Slideshark can also open PowerPoint files from Dropbox, GoodReader, Syncplicity, Google Drive, Box, or from an email attachment.


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1Password Icon

1Password - Password Manager & Secure Wallet by AgileBits, Inc. (Free)

Stop keeping passwords on Post-It notes1Password creates different, strong passwords for every site, remembers them all and logs you in with a single tap. You can also use it to fill credit cards without typing all of your information every time. Store your logins, credit cards, identities and secure notes. A Master Password keeps everything in the 1Password vault safe. It encrypts all of your data and the auto-lock protects your vault, even if you device is lost or stolen.

Chrome Icon

Chrome (Free)

Browse fast with Chrome, now available on your iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Sign in to sync your personalized Chrome experience from your computer and bring it with you anywhere you go.

Cisco WebEx Meetings Icon

Cisco WebEx Meetings (Free)

Take your Web meetings anywhere! With Cisco WebEx Meetings, you can join any web conference right from your iPad and iPhone. You can experience high quality 2-way video on the iPad and iPhone for better engagement in the meeting. Getting face to face has never been easier!

Claro Speak Icon

ClaroSpeak USA ($5.99)

Import documents, type in text, copy and paste text, or speak into ClaroSpeak, and it will speak it aloud back to you. Choose from five high quality voices and adjust speed of speaking as desired. You can also save any text to an audio file quickly and easily.

Cloud Clipboard Icon

CloudClipboard ($3.99)

Sync Clipboard over iCloud and store new content with CloudClipboard. Uses existing iCloud storage. This app makes it so easy to exchange clipboard data between your Mac computer and iOS devices.

Convert Icon

Convert - The Unit Calculator ($2.99)

Convert is a unit converter and calculator designed with simplicity, usability, and beauty in mind. This app enables you to easily perform complicated unit calculations including temperature, volume, weight, power, currency, and more! A must have!

Course Notes Icon

CourseNotes ($3.99)

CourseNotes lets you take notes during classes or meetings, keep them organized by subject, print, and share. You can also keep ToDo lists and track assignments, and sync them with your iPad’s calendar.

Digits Icon

Digits ($0.99)

The Digits app is great for adding labeling, and emailing expenses, as well as doing quick calculations, and entering long series of calculations and then emailing it to yourself for import into Numbers or Excel.

DocScan HD Icon

Doc Scan HD (Free)

Doc Scan HD lets you instantly scan multi-page documents and send them out when there is no scanner nearby. You can scan not only documents in sight, but also whiteboards, receipts, business cards, books, coupons, etc.

Dragon Dictation Icon

Dragon Dictation (Free)

Dragon Dictation is an easy-to-use voice recognition application powered by
Dragon NaturallySpeaking that allows you to easily speak and instantly see
your text or email messages. In fact, it’s up to five times faster than typing on
the keyboard.

Dragon Dictation Video Tutorial

Dropbox Icon

Dropbox (Free)

Mocha VNC provides access to a VNC Server. Using your iPhone or iPad,
you can connect to a Windows PC or Mac OS X and see the files, programs,
and resources exactly as you would if you were sitting at your desk, just on a
smaller screen.

Dropbox Video Tutorial

Evernote Icon

Evernote (Free)

Evernote turns the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad into an extension of your
brain, helping you remember anything and everything that happens in your life.
From notes to ideas to snapshots to recordings, put it all into Evernote and
watch as it instantly synchronizes from your iPad or iPhone to your Mac or Windows desktop.

Evernote Video Tutorial

GoodReader Icon

GoodReader ($4.99)

Congratulations! You've found the one and only Good Reader app for iPad! If
you need to read huge PDF, or TXT files, you've come to the right place.

Google Search Icon

Google Search App (Free)

Search Google quickly using your voice and your location.

iAnnotate Icon

iAnnotate ($9.99)

iAnnotate is the best PDF annotation application we have found with a multitude
of tools for markup.This app is especially great for editing or grading student papers.
iAnnotate allows you to save web pages as PDFs, if you desire, add audio notes to the
PDF, and output to an external display on the iPad 2 or above. Add a digital signature or fillout
PDF forms on your iPad. Awesome app! 5 stars for this one!

iAnnotate Video Tutorial

IA Writer Icon

iA Writer ($0.99)

iA Writer involves innovative writing technology with an easy to use interface. The app includes a keyboard extension with a custom typeface optimized for the iPhone and iPad. You can save and sync seamlessly between Mac, iPad, and iPhone.

Inspiration Maps Icon

Inspiration Maps by Inspiration Software, Inc. (Free)

A powerful learning app that allows you to easily create concept maps, diagrams, process flows, family trees and more! This is a great tool to brainstorm ideas, then organize and integrate them for better learning and retention. It also allows a great deal of customization.

iTalk Recorder Icon

iTalk Recorder by Griffin Technology (Free)

A streamlined and intuitive, full-featured recording app. You can manage and email recordings. You can also share files through iTunes File Sharing.

Keynote Icon

Keynote ($9.99)

Keynote is the most powerful presentation app ever designed for a mobile
device. It’s the application you know and love on the Mac, but completely
reworked from the ground up for theiPad. It makes creating a world-class
presentation complete with animated charts and transitions simple.

Keynote Video Tutorial

Lynda Icon

Lynda.com (Free)

The lynda.com app provides access to award-winning training videos
that teach digital photography, graphic design, web and interactive design,
business, applications, 3D, audio, and much more. Free videos for nonmembers;
subscribe and unlock the entire library. Very powerful for all that you wish to learn in the software world!

Mental Icon

Mental by Jean-Yves Vocisano (Free)

Concept maps organize knowledge in the form of a graph of concepts. Users are able to label and edit connecting edges to signify the relationship of two objects or subjects. You can export as a PDF and share.

Mocha VNC Lite Icon

Mocha VNC Lite (Free)

Mocha VNC provides access to a VNC Server. Using your iPhone or iPad,
you can connect to a Windows PC or Mac OS X and see the files, programs,
and resources exactly as you would if you were sitting at your desk, just on a
smaller screen.

MyScript Calculator Icon

MyScript Calculator by MyScript (Free)

This app allows you to do mathematical calculations using your handwriting. Easy, simple and intuitive just write the mathematical expression on the screen and then let MyScript perform its magic converting symbols and numbers to digital text and delivering the result in real time. A must-have! 5 stars!

Notability Icon

Notability ($2.99)

Notability powerfully integrates handwriting, PDF annotation, typing, and audio recording to take notes your way! Retina ink makes handwriting notes easy and beautiful, and zoom allows attention to detail. Insert media to enhance your notes. Organize, protect, and share this information using Google Drive.

Noteshelf App Icon

Noteshelf ($5.99)

One of the best note-taking apps out there. Our favorite feature is the ability
to zoom in to write and with a good stylus, your notes can really look as crisp
as they would on a pad of paper. Export to share as PDF, image files, or transfer to
Evernote or Dropbox. Great for drawing with a projector for your students to view
equations in class, etc.

Numbers Icon

Numbers ($9.99)

Numbers is the most innovative spreadsheet app ever designed for a mobile
device. It’s the application you know and love for the Mac, completely
reworked from the ground up for iPad. Tap the bright multi-touch display to
create compelling, great-looking spreadsheets in minutes. With over 250 easy-to-
use functions, an intelligent keyboard, flexible tables, and eye-catching charts, all the
answers are at your fingertips. 5 stars for this one!

Numbers Video Tutorial

Pages Icon

Pages ($9.99)

Pages is the most beautiful word processing app ever designed for a mobile
device. It’s the application you know and love for the Mac, completely
reworked from the ground up for iPad. Documents look stunning on the
bright, vivid iPad display and writing is a dream with the large onscreen
keyboard. You can use Apple-designed templates and multi-touch gestures to lay out
letters, flyers, brochures, reports, and more. With Pages for iPad, it’s never been easier
to create great-looking documents, all with the touch of a finger. 5 stars for this one!

Pages Video Tutorial

Penultimate Icon

Penultimate (Free)

The experience of ink and paper, made better. The original and most popular handwriting app for iPad gives you the natural experience of writing on paper, with the added power and availability of Evernote. The Evernote export ability makes this note-taking app one of the most useful. 5 stars for this one!

Penultimate Video Tutorial

Post-It Plus Icon

Post-It Plus by 3M Company (Free)

Do you like to brainstorm with Post-It notes? Post-it Plus is a simple way to capture all your notes and organize and share them with everyone. Take a picture of your notes, using the app, and then organize and refine them as you see fit within the app. Then share out your organized board with your team and then save as a PDF or send to an application like PowerPoint, Excel, Dropbox etc.

Print n Share Icon

Print n Share ($9.99)

Print directly to the widest range of network or WiFi printers without a computer or AirPrint! Alternatively, print via your Mac/PC to ALL printers including USB and Bluetooth printers.

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Reminders (Free - within iOS for Any iPhone or iPad)

Apple’s Reminders app lets you stay organized by reminding you of your
tasks and priorities. iCloud keeps your reminders up to date on all your
devices and your Mac. Create a reminder “on the go” and it’s automatically
on your Mac when you work on your computer. This was the organization app
that Apple really needed to keep you productive! Yay, Apple!

Simple Mind+ Icon

SimpleMind+ (Free)

SimpleMindXpress is a mind mapping tool that turns your iPad, iPhone, or iPod
Touch into a brainstorming, idea collection and thought structuring device.

SpeakEasy Voice Recorder Icon

SpeakEasy Voice Recorder (Free)

Record and playback notes, reminders, or just about anything from your
iOS device's built-in microphone. SpeakEasy gives you a recording studio that fits
into your pocket. Intuitive and fun, SpeakEasy is the premier voice recorder
for your iOS device.

Speak It Icon

Speak It! ($1.99)

Copy and paste your emails, favorite articles, documents, and more and Speak it! will read them to you while you exit the app and do other things with your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.

Stickyboard Icon

Stickyboard (Free)

Put all your ideas on a single board and easily see everything at once by
zooming in and out. Use any color coding system you like. Effortlessly drag
and drop your notes - unlike paper sitcky notes, they don't fall off after too may
moves. This tools is especially useful for storyboarding your next presentation.

Unstuck Icon

Unstuck (Free)

This app helps figure out why you’re "stuck," whether it be a challenge at work, a relationship issue, or an unattainable goal; then it helps you determine a plan to fix it and encourages you to follow this plan.

White Noise Icon

White Noise ($1.99)

The White Noise app helps you sleep by blocking distractions, relaxes and reduces stress, pacifies fussy and crying babies, increases focus while enhancing privacy, soothes headaches and migraines, and masks ringing ears. It features ambient sounds of the environment to help you relax during the day and sleep great at night.

WritePad Icon

WritePad for iPad by PhatWare Corporation (Free)

An advanced notetaker app that lets you take notes in your own handwriting then converts them to digital text. It includes a spell checker and a shorthand editor that fills in words and phrases you commonly use. You can sync or import and export documents with Box, Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, SkyDrive, iCloud and iTunes. This app also allows you to email, Tweet, Print or post to Facebook directly from WritePad, and can translate into 16 languages.

Yahoo Search Icon

Yahoo! Search (Free)

Yahoo! Search for iPhone or iPad is the search app that helps you find exactly what you are looking for. This is an all-in-one search app that connects you to the places and information you need when you’re mobile.

ZIP Finder Icon

ZIP Finder (Free)

Enter Country, City, and Address to find Zip/Postcodes! A map will appear, allowing you to see the zip code, if available. An internet connection is required to use this app.

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Audiobooks Icon

Audiobooks (Free)

This app provides a simple and straightforward way to listen to many of the best
classic books, from Oliver Twist to Moby Dick, and Pride and Prejudice to The Art of
. In addition to all the best classics, we now offer MODERN titles like How to
Train Your Dragon
and My Sister’s Keeper for purchase right inside the app!

Fastr Premium Icon

Fastr Premium ($5.99)

Fastr Premium includes effective speed reading for ebooks. You can use this app to learn how to read faster while reading your favorite books or articles, no matter what your reading skills are. Fastr turns reading skills training into a fun and pleasant process.

iBooks Icon

iBooks (Free)

iBooks is an amazing way to download and read books, designed exclusively for
iPad. iBooks includes the iBookstore, where you can download the latest bestselling
books or your favorite classics – day or night. Browse your library on a
beautiful bookshelf, tap a book to open it, flip through pages with a swipe or a tap, and
bookmark your favorite passages. iBooks also allows you to read PDFs. A must have app!

Instapaper Icon

Instapaper ($3.99)

Save web pages as text only for later offline reading, optimized for readability on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch’s screen. Works great for long articles and blog posts that you find during the day but don’t have time to read.

Kindle Icon

Kindle (Free)

The Kindle app is optimized for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch, providing users
the ability to read Kindle books using a beautiful, easy-to-use interface. You can
discover and read over 540,000 books in the Amazon Kindle Store, including the
latest best sellers and new releases. An excellent interface, this is one of our favorite readers.

OpenWeb Icon

OpenWeb (Free)

The OpenWeb browser is an Internet browser that allows you to have a more customizable and readable style on your iPhone and iPad. Colors in this app have slightly less contrast to prevent glare, and symbols are bolder and darker to help detect sentences and phrases. A great addition to making your iOS device more accessible.

Pocket Icon

Pocket (Free) - Formerly Read It Later

Pocket lets you save webpages to read later, even without an internet
connection. View or add to your reading list on any computer, phone, or mobile
device that are all tied to one account. Allows for tagging and remembers where
you left off. Syncs all your devices that have Pocket on them. One of our favorite tools - 5 stars!

Pocket Video Tutorial

Stanza App Icon

Stanza (Free)

Read books on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch! Lexcycle Stanza brings the digital book
revolution to your pocket with a reading interface that is unrivaled in its clarity and
ease of use. Lots of public domain books to choose from for free.

TED Books Icon

TED Books (Free)

TED Books are short original electronic books produced every two weeks by TED Conferences. Like the best TED Talks, they’re personal and provocative and designed to spread great ideas. TED Books are typically under 20,000 words – long enough to unleash a powerful narrative, but short enough to read in a single sitting. 5 stars!

Yahoo Icon

Yahoo! (Free)

With the Yahoo! app, you get an endless visual stream of stories with summaries by Yahoo! and the ability to select topics you want more stories about.

Zinio Icon

Zinio (Free)

Zinio is an app that lets you explore, read, and shop for the world’s best magazines on your iPad. Zinio is the ultimate app for people who love magazines. You can access thousands of titles, tens of thousands of issues, and millions of pages of the world’s best digital content and read what you like.

Zite Icon

Zite (Free)

Zite is an intelligent magazine that helps you discover interesting things to read. Your Zite is as unique as you are. It learns what you like and gets smarter as you use it. Zite analyzes millions of articles each day and brings you the best of your favorite magazines, newspapers, authors, blogs, and videos.

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American Wordspeller Icon

American Wordspeller ($4.99)

Simply type in 3-4 letters of your word by how it sounds to you, and you can find any word in the dictionary phonetically, no spelling required!

Dictionary Icon

Dictionary.com (Free)

The free Dictionary.com app delivers trusted reference content from
Dictionary.com and Thesaurus.com, including nearly 2,000,000 words and
definitions and 90,000 synonyms and antonyms. No Internet connection is
needed. The app also features audio pronunciations, similarly spelled words
and Dictionary.com’s popular Word of the Day that is enjoyed by millions of people.

Holy Bible Icon

Holy Bible (Free)

Holy Bible is an easy to use Bible app with many translations. Each
translation resides on the iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch. The only time you ever need
an internet connection is to download new Bibles but otherwise, it works offline.

Wikipanion Icon

Wikipanion (Free)

Accessing Wikipedia has never been faster and easier than with Wikipanion,
designed for easy, search, navigation and display of Wikipedia entries.
Streamline your browsing with history grouped by visit date, and
bookmarking that not only bookmarks individual entries, but individual
sections within an entry.

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Amazon Icon

Amazon Mobile (Free)

With Amazon Mobile you can browse, search, get product details, read reviews, and purchase millions of products available from Amazon.com and other merchants. No need to create a new account; just sign in with your existing Amazon account.

Apple Store Icon

Apple Store (Free)

Research, personalize, and buy products from Apple. You can also make Genius Bar and workshop reservations at the Apple Store.

Ebay Icon

eBay (Free)

With the eBay app you can buy and sell items, compare prices, access powerful search tools and so much more all from the palm of your hand. Buyers will never miss the opportunity to snag that one of a kind item with instant mobile bidding, Best Offer, and Buy It Now. You can set up notifications and bid alerts to let you know when your item is ending, when you’ve been outbid, won or sold an item, etc.

Etsy Icon

Etsy (Free)

Shop on-the-go with the Etsy app, which is available on theiPhone and iPad. Discover over 17 million unique items from 800,000 sellers around the world, and shop whenever inspiration hits. If you have an Etsy shop, you can also manage your shop with ease.

RedLaser Icon

RedLaser Barcode Scanner (Free)

With the RedLaser Barcode Scanner app, you can scan all major retail barcodes, including UPC and QR codes. You can use this information to compare prices, buy items on-the-go, or create personalized QR codes and more! Great for shopping in the store!

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Social Media

Facebook Icon

Facebook (Free)

Keeping up with your Facebook friends on your iPad.
• See what friends are up to
• Share updates, photos and videos
• Get notified when friends like and comment on your posts
• Text, chat and have group conversations
• Play games and use your favorite apps

Flipboard Icon

Flipboard (Free)

See everything on Flipboard -- all your news and life’s great moments in one place. Flipboard creates a personalized magazine out of everything being shared with you. Flip through your Facebook news feed and Google+ Circles, tweets from your Twitter timeline, photos from Instagram friends, videos from YouTube, blogs, your New York Times or Rolling Stone subscription, Linked In and much more. 5 stars!

Friendly Facebook Icon

Friendly for Facebook (Free)

Possibly a more "friendly" format for you to read on Facebook. This is a beautiful and full Facebook experience designed for your iPad. You can chat with your friends, upload pictures, download and edit photos, easily update your profile picture, customize your Facebook, and much more.

Messages Icon

Messages (Free) - within the iOS on iPhones & iPads

Apple’s Messages app lets you chat from any of your devices (i.e., iPhone,
iPad, iPod) that you allow it to use. An excellent improvement to iChat! It’s
FREE for you and anyone texting over Wi-Fi using an iOS device or Mac with
iMessage so TEXT AWAY - anywhere, anytime!


Skype Icon

Skype (Free)

Say “hello” to friends and family with an instant message, voice or video call on Skype for free.

Skype Video Tutorial

Tumblr Icon

Tumblr (Free)

Using the Tumblr app, you can post anything including photos, videos, quotes, chats, links, and text. You can seamlessly manage all of your blogs and view and reply to messages.


Twittelator Icon

Twittelator (Free)

Twittelator is the ultimate power Twitter client with every feature you need. Some features include: posting to your Facebook wall too, unlimited drafts and offline tweeting, creating lists of friends, emailing tweets, re-tweeting, and copying tweets, and more!


Twitteriffic Icon

Twitteriffic ($2.99)

Twitterrific is an award-winning fast and elegant Twitter client that is easy to use. You can control brightness, avatar size, line spacing, font type and size, etc.


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Magic Seaweed Icon

Magic Seaweed Surf Forcast (Free)

The MSW mobile app provides long range surf forecasts for thousands of beaches across the globe. Our forecast includes the MSW star rating, surf size, swell height, swell period, swell direction, wind strength, wind direction and temperature.

MLB at Bat Icon

MLB at Bat (Free)

MLB.com At Bat is the official app of Major League Baseball.

ScoreCenter ESPN Icon

ScoreCenter ESPN (Free)

ESPN ScoreCenter brings you scores, news, and standings from sports leagues around the world. The new app makes it easy to follow your favorite teams anytime, anywhere. You can stay up to date with personalized scoreboards and alerts.

Surfline Icon

Surfline (Free)

The official Surfline app provides the most accurate surf reports and surf forecasts up to 5-days in advance for thousands of surf spots worldwide. Surfline is the only surfing app available with LIVE steaming HD surf cams for over 140 locations in the US and Hawaii. 5 stars for this one, surfers!

Surf Report Icon

Surf Report (Free)

Take the mystery out of checking the surf with Oakley Surf Report. You can check the surf height, swell direction, and tide. You can also view a 2-day weather forecast, find the best beaches nearest you, watch great surf videos, etc. A great app for when you want to quickly see current wave conditions of your favorite surfing spot.

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Around Me Icon

AroundMe (Free)

AroundMe allows you to quickly find out information about your surroundings. Great for on-the-road travel to see what is at the next exit. We couldn't live without it!

Duolingo Icon

Duolingo - Learn Languages for Free (Free)

This fun and free app can help you learn Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian and English.

Expedia Icon

Expedia Hotels & Flights by Expedia, Inc. (Free)

This app makes booking hotel rooms and flights and planning trips easy and fast. It provides mobile-exclusive deals to ensure you get the best deal, sometimes up to 40% off. This app stores your travel details so they’re easy to access and share with friends and family.

Google Translate

Google Translate (Free)

Translate between over 60 languages through text or speaking. You can access your translation history even when you’re offline. Spell out the translations of non-Latin script languages (e.g. Chinese, Japanese, etc.) in Latin characters to read it phonetically (e.g. Pinyin, Romaji).

Home Away Icon

Home Away and VRBO Vacation Rentals by HomeAway.com, Inc. (Free)

For travelers, owners and property managers to list or find their perfect vacation rental, including not only houses but condos, bungalows and castles. Travelers can browse more than 1,000,000 property listings in 139 countries, read reviews, explore nearby airports and local attractions and contact owners or managers directly.

Hotel Tonight

Hotel Tonight by Hotel Tonight, Inc. (Free)

This app allows you to book cheap hotel rooms that have been discounted at the last minute because of cancellations. It ensures top-rate hotels and only takes seconds to book. This app categorizes hotels so that you’re sure to find the right fit and provides 24/7 customer service. This service is great for if you’re looking to have a spontaneous getaway or if you’re looking for a new experience.

Muni Watch Icon

Muni Watch by Barum Rho (Free)

This is an essential app for San Francisco public transit riders, including a real-time GPS bus locater, tool to find nearby stops and their predicted arrival times. You can also pin frequently used stops on the map.

NatureSpace Icon

NatureSpace (Free)

Naturespace has the highest sonic quality available. Headphone-specific audio
of the natural world soothes and transports the listener like no other. Visit naturespace.com to learn much more!

Routesy Icon

Routesy Free Bay Area San Francisco Muni and BART by Pixelcup (Free)

This app makes it easy to navigate the Bay Area’s top public transit systems: Muni and BART. All you have to do is choose the line you want to ride and Routesy will show you the closest stop or station including real-time prediction data. You can bookmark favorite stops.

SayHi Translate Icon

SayHi Translate ($.99)

One of the most awesome translator apps out there! Uses accurate voice
recognition to translate into 9 different languages. Just point to the translation to make yourself understoond. This is all you really need on your vacation to Europe to survive.

TripAdvisor Icon

TripAdvisor (Free)

Plan and have your perfect trip with TripAdvisor. This app has over 75 million candid reviews and opinions by travelers, and makes it easy to find the best hotels, restaurants, and fun things to do, wherever you go.

TripIt Icon

TripIt Travel Organizer by TripIt (Free)

This free app allows you to organize your travel plans in one place. Forward your travel confirmation emails to plans@tripit.com and Tripit will transcribe a daily itinerary for your trip. You can access itineraries anytime, on any device, even offline. This app provides access to directions, maps and weather for each destination. TripIt can sync plans with your Apple Calendar, Outlook or Google Calendar and allows you to share plans via email or social media.

WordLens Icon

WordLens (Free)

Use your built-in camera to translate printed words in real time! Works well on signs and menus. No network connection is needed.

Yelp Icon

Yelp (Free)

Looking for a burrito joint open now? An Irish pub nearby? A gas station you
can drive to before your tank hits empty? Yelp for your iPad and iPhone is here to help.
Use it to search for places to eat, shop, drink, relax and play then read
reviews from an active community of locals who are in-the-know.


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ABC Player Icon

ABC Player (Free)

Watch ABC Studio TV shows on your iPad a few days after airing on
television anywhere, anytime you have network connection.

Hulu Plus Icon

Hulu Plus ($7.99 subscription per month)

Watch TV shows a day after network display on Hulu + on your iPad through
your Hulu account anywhere, anytime you have network connection.

iMovie Icon

iMovie from Apple ($4.99)

Another must-have! Create professional-looking videos with iMovie right on your iPad without a lot of intense training. As is Apple's style, this app is very powerful and yet very intuitive to use. 5 stars!

Netflix Icon

Netflix (Free)

Watch Netflix videos on your iPad through your Netflix account anywhere,
anytime you have network connection.

Replay Video Editor Icon

Replay Video Editor by Stupeflix (Free)

Make amazing videos easily and super fast! 3 Easy Steps: 1) Select photos or videos from Camera Roll, Albums, Photostream; 2) Pick a Style, add text, choose music; 3) Save to Camera Roll, share on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube

TED Talks Icon

TED Talks (Free)

Watch Ted Talks videos on your iPad anywhere, anytime you have a network
connection. It rocks! 5 stars for this one!

VideoScribe Icon

VideoScribe by Sparkol ($5.99)

Do you like RSA videos where someone is drawing while the speaker is talking? Then you'll love this! This engaging and fun app gives you the ability to create animated videos out of images of your choice, without any previous design or technical knowledge. The app provides a library of thousands of images but you can also import your own and fully customize your project. You can also add a voiceovers or soundtracks. This is great for making marketing and instructional videos.

Vidra Icon

Vidra by Ten Touch Ltd. (Free)

This app provides a platform to make unique instructional videos in minutes. You can make slides and record your voice to each one, choose background music and set themes. It includes thousands of pictograms or you can import your own pictograms or sketches. The final product will be a video file that is easy to export and share.

YouPlayer Icon

YouPlayer (Free)

YouPlayer is a YouTube browser and player for iOS 6. You can play any videos available for embedding including most music videos. Sign in to access your subscriptions, favorites, be able to post comments, and more.

YouTube Icon

YouTube (Free)

Watch the world’s videos and keep up with your favorite YouTube channels with the official YouTube app for iOS. Sign in to access your subscriptions, playlists, uploads, and more.


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AccuWeather Icon

AccuWeather (Free)

Voted “Best iPhone App” by the 2012 Mobie awards! Displays current conditions which refresh every five minutes. Customize forecasts for health concerns and outdoor activities, and severe weather notices. Calendar integration allows you to view the 15-day weather forecast right in your calendar! Pin contacts to the radar map to see current weather conditions in their location.

NOAA Now Icon

NOAA Now - Weather App (Free)

Want to keep up with the latest severe weather? NOAA Now provides the latest information from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration including: hurricanes and tropical storms in the Atlantic and Eastern Pacific cyclone basins; mainland storms, including the latest tornado and severe thunderstorms; and the latest marine conditions. All data is courtesy of NOAA and NASA.

Weather Channel Icon

The Weather Channel (Free)

The Weather Channel takes your weather experience to the next level with
full screen maps, pollen forecasts, weather now, weather hourly, 36 hour
forecast, 10 day forecast, video, weather alerts and more.

Weather HD Icon

Weather HD ($1.99)

Weather HD depicts weather conditions using a stunningly crafted set of videos, not just still images like other apps. This app also displays an animated NOAA radar map over a beautiful unique 3D globe, warns you of severe weather conditions, displays your Facebook friends’ weather, and more!

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