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New Features in Mail

Mail now includes some new features that make it a bit easier to keep your inbox up-to-date.

  1. Slowly swipe to the left over an email message to reveal options of More, Flag, or Trash
  2. Fast swipe to the left to move straight to Trash.

    Swipe Left Email Options

    3. Swipe slowly to the right to mark an email as Unread or Read.

    Swipe Right to Mark Unread or Read

    In iOS8, you can work on multiple emails at once:

    1. In the Mail app, start a new email by tapping the New Message icon.

    New Message Icon

    2. Type some in that email message; then, swipe with your finger from the top downward to put the email message aside.

    Multiple Email Messages
  3. Tap the New Message icon to start another email message. You can do this multiple times.
  4. To return to one of the earlier emails you were working on, tap the email bar at the bottom and it will bring up the other emails you had started.

    Email Bar

  5. Glance at the emails that are revealed and tap in the center of the earlier email you want to return to or tap on the "X" to discard the email entirely. This feature can also be used to alternate between emails you need to refer to for copying/pasting while you're forming a new email.

    Earlier Emails

Improved SIRI in iOS8

SIRI was in great need of an improvement in its voice detection skills. It has been improved dramatically in this version of the iOS8. If you had disregarded SIRI in the past due to its inaccurracies, we suggest that you give it another try.

  1. Now words will appear as you say them when dictating and SIRI may change words based on context. Anytime you can find the microphone icon at the bottom of the iPad's onscreen keyboard, you can use SIRI for dictation.

    SIRI Microphone Icon

  2. Apple has also incorporated the musical detection talents of the Shazam app into this improved version of SIRI. Now SIRI can help you identify a song's title, if you like. Simply point your iPad's microphone toward the speakers of a radio or other music-making device and hold down the Home button and tell SIRI to “Name this tune.”SIRI will say back to you, "Let me listen..." and will then take a few moments to process the information. SIRI will tell you the name of the song and if the song is contained in iTunes, it will provide you a link to tap in order to purchase it from iTunes.

Messaging Now Has Audio Option

  1. Open the Messages app and tap on the New Messages icon to start a new message.
  2. Fill in the To: section to the recipient you wish to send the message to.
  3. Tap and hold down the microphone to the right of the text box in Messages while you are talking in order to record an audio message then release your finger. To listen to what you said before you send it, press the Play icon. To send your audio message, tap the up arrow. To discard your message and try again, tap the "X" on the left.

    Audio Message

  4. Once the message is sent, you will see a wave form of the audio in your message queue. You may press the Play icon on the wave form to hear your message again, if you desire.

    Audio Wave Form

  5. The phone on the receiving end of the message will begin to play the message automatically when the phone is lifted; then it will pause the message audio when the phone is set down.

  6. To record a response to an audio message, put the phone down then raise it to your mouth again and it will start recording your return message and send it to the recipient when you're finished.

  7. As it was in iOS7, if you wish for SIRI to write a text message for you via dictation, press on the Microphone icon within the onscreen keyboard area and begin talking. You may edit any mistakes the speech to text algorithm makes before sending the message.

    SIRI Dictation Text in Message

Predictive Words Row in Email & Messages

This new predictive word feature in iOS8 allows for faster messaging and emailing. While you are typing an email or message, three possible words will show above your message content. If you see the word or words you intend to use, just tap on the predictive word(s) and it will then be inserted into your message. Over time, iOS8 will become more and more accurate in predicting what word you intend and the more you use this feature, the better it becomes at figuring out your writing patterns. It will even anticipate words specifically based upon whether you’re writing an e-mail or a message.

The illustration below shows how the predictive word feature will appear while you are typing. If you don't see these suggestions when typing an email or a message, swipe down on the down toggle that appear just above the keyboard when it is hidden.

Predictive words while typing

Family Sharing

The Family Sharing setting allows you to share music, movies, apps, photos, iBooks, locations and a calendar with up to six people in your family without having to share an iCloud account as was required before iOS8.

1. To set up this feature, go to Settings > iCloud > Set Family Sharing

Family Sharing in iOS8

*Note: The first time someone in the shared family group attempts to buy something, the initiator of the family account has to approve the purchase, but after that they do not. Parents may also place tighter reins on this feature so that the initiator is always contacted and asked to approve a child’s purchase from the iTunes Store before it is allowed to be downloaded.

New Tips Feature

The new Apple “Tips” app can periodically keep you updated on the latest iOS8 features.

Apple Tips App

If you find Apple's "Tips" app to be intrusive, you may turn off its notifications by going to Settings > Notifications >Tips and disable the Allow Notifications button.

Find My iPhone / iPad Last Location

iOS 6 introduced the Find My iPhone / iPad feature that has proven quite useful for those who have misplaced their iOS device. However, the feature was only helpful if your device's battery was still working. Once your battery died or someone turned off your iPad, you were dead in the water. Thanks to the update in iOS8, you may have a chance to find your device if you have chosen to turn the Send Last Location setting on. With this setting selected, your iOS device will send Apple its location before the battery dies; then you have 24 hours to log in to iCloud.com and use the Find My iPhone feature to see where your device was at the time of battery death. (After that period of time, Apple will delete the location information.)

Where to find it? Open Settings > iCloud > Find My iPad (or Find My iPhone). Turn on both the settings for Find My iPad and Send Last Location.

Find My iPad Settings

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