iPad Essentials - Find My iPad

Turning On the Find My iPad Settings

The Find My iPad / iPhone feature allows you to locate your iOS device if it is lost, or heaven forbid, stolen. The first thing you need to do is turn on this feature on your iPad / iPhone:

1. Go to Settings > iCloud > Find My iPad and turn on both the Find My iPad and Send Last Location buttons.

Find My iPad Settings

The Send Last Location feature is new in iOS8. With this setting selected, your iOS device will send Apple its location before the battery dies; then you have 24 hours to log in to iCloud.com and use the Find My iPhone feature to see where your device was at the time of battery death. (After 24 hours, Apple will delete the location information.)

Recovery of Your iPad with the Find My iPad Feature Turned On

When your device is lost or stolen, follow the steps below to attempt its recovery:

1. Sign in with your Apple username and password at icloud.com on your computer or install the Find My iPhone app to locate your iPad from another iOS mobile device.

icloud signin

3. Click on the Find My iPhone/iPad icon.

Find My iPhone Icon

4. When you're at icloud.com, select the Devices button and select the device you wish to find from the list.

5. You will have several options to find your iPad:

Play Sound: Apple will send an audible sound so you can find your device if it is nearby. This sound will ping even if you have your device in silent mode.
Lost Mode: See your device's location on a map.
Erase iPad: Send a command to totally erase your data from the device. If you confirm this command when the "Are you sure?" dialog box appears, everything will be erased on your iPad or iPhone.

** Note: The device must be on and connected to network for Play Sound, Lost Mode, or Erase iPad to function properly. Turning on Send Last Location will ping your device's last location to Apple before the battery dies; Apple will retain this information for 24 hours.

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