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Add a Calendar Entry Using Siri

Siri is Apple's integrated personal assistant who can even schedule appointments for you, if you wish. Here's how:

  1. To add a calendar enty using Siri, first activate Siri by pressing and holding the Home button. A new screen will appear asking "What can I help you with?"


  2. Once Siri is turned on, you can add calendar entries by saying certain phrases. One phrase you could use would be "Schedule an appointment with John Smith tomorrow at 9am." This phrase will add that appointment to your calendar, and if John Smith, or the person you say, is in your contact list and has an email address, then Siri will invite that person to the appointment.
  3. Another phrase you could use would be "Add meeting with my boss to my calendar for Thursday at 12pm." What this phrase will do is add an item in your calendar titled "Meeting with my boss" for Thursday at 12pm.
  4. You can also add repeating events by saying something like "Add a repeating event titled Faculty Meeting at 10am every Tuesday." This will add an event with the title "Faculty Meeting" every Tuesday at 10am. Siri will also recognize if you say a repeating event for "every other Tuesday" as well.
  5. The more specific you are, the easier it is for Siri to schedule the calendar entry. You can also include durations of events, for example "two hours" or "all day" and Siri should recognize those as well.

To check out what else Siri can help you with, view this video on Siri.

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