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Clock App Icon


The World Clock simultaneously displays the time of locations you choose across different time zones—you’ll even see if it’s day or night. The stopwatch, alarm, and timer each make the most of the iPad display.


Contacts App Icon


Contacts isn’t just names and numbers. It’s email addresses, IM nicknames, birthdays, anniversaries, websites — even your Facebook friends’ profile information. So when they update their email address or phone number, you automatically stay up to date. You can also sync across all your devices, thanks to iCloud.


FaceTime App IconFacetime

Facetime is an app that allows you to close the distance between you and the people you care about through video calling. To make a video call, tap Facetime, select a name, and wait for the person to accept the call. Facetime works over Wi-Fi or cellular networks. You can switch between the front and back cameras of your iPad anytime during a call.


iBooks App IconiBooks

You can use the iBookstore to browse over 1.5 million books. The books you buy download right to your iPad, and iCloud makes them available on your other iOS devices too. You can customize your text size, font, brightness, and background theme. You can also highlight or underline text, make notes, look up words, or search inside the book. You can even have your iPad read aloud to you.

iTunes U

iTunes U App Icon

iTunes U (Free)

The iTunes U app gives you access to complete courses from leading universities and other schools, plus the world’s largest digital catalog of free education content right on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch.

iTunes U Video Tutorial


Keynote App Icon

Keynote ($9.99)

Keynote is a powerful presentation app designed for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. With it you can create world class presentations complete with animated charts and transitions. Use full-screen view to present right on your device, or use mirroring to present on an HDTV. Keynote also works with iCloud, so your presentations stay up to date on all your devices automatically. The apple website has tutorials on creating a Keynote presentation.

Keynote Video Tutorial


Messages App IconMessages

With the Messages app, you get free, unlimited texting over Wi-Fi. You can send text messages, photos, videos, locations, and contacts. If you have more than one iOS device, you can send messages from all of them in the same conversation. You can also text groups of people and get delivery and read receipts.


Music App icon


If you love listening to music, you will love the Music app. The Music app shows you album art, and it's easy to just tap to flip the album over and see the list of tracks so you can rate it with one to five stars. You can also pick a song to either play, or for the "Genius" function to create a Genius playlist from.


Notes App Icon


A great idea could strike at any moment. Before you lose it, pull out your iPad and jot it down in Notes. With iCloud, all your notes stay with you on every device you use. So you can think of Notes as the keeper of anything important or anything, period.

Notes Video Tutorial


Numbers App Icon

Numbers ($9.99)

Numbers is the most innovative spreadsheet app ever designed for a mobile
device. It’s the application you know and love for the Mac, completely
reworked from the ground up for iPad. Tap the bright Multi-Touch display to
create compelling, great-looking spreadsheets in minutes. With over 250 easyto-
use functions, an intelligent keyboard, flexible tables, and eye-catching charts, all the
answers are at your fingertips. The Apple website has tutorials on how to get started.

Numbers Video Tutorial


Pages App Icon

Pages ($9.99)

Pages is the most beautiful word processing app ever designed for a mobile
device. It’s the application you know and love for the Mac, completely
reworked from the ground up for iPad. Documents look stunning on the
bright, vivid iPad display. And writing is a dream with the large onscreen
keyboard. You can use Apple-designed templates and Multi-Touch gestures to lay out
letters, flyers, brochures, reports, and more. With Pages for iPad, it’s never been easier
to create great-looking documents, all with the touch of a finger. The Apple website has tutorials on how to get started.

Pages Video Tutorial


Photos App IconPhotos

With the Photos app on your iPad, you can show off your photos with the high-resolution Retina display. You can also make simple edits to your photos, make a slideshow, or view your photos by the location they were taken in. With the Photos app it's also easy to share your photos usong shared photo streams and iCloud with just a tap on the "Share" button.


Podcasts App Icon

Podcasts (Free)

The Podcasts app is the easiest way to discover, subscribe to, and play your favorite podcasts. In the Podcasts Store, there are hundreds of thousands of free audio and video podcasts for you to listen to in over 40 different languages. You can create personal playlists and stations to play the episodes you want, or just listen to what's most popular from the Top Charts. Any playlists that you create can be synced with iTunes on your Mac or PC. With Podcasts, you can remember your place in an episode using iCloud, stream or download podcasts, turn on a sleep timer, and much more.


Reminders App IconReminders

Forgetting happens way too often, that’s why iPad helps you remember with the Reminders app. You can create a list of have-to-dos, want-to-dos, or whatever you like. Set a due date, and Reminders will notify you so you stay on track. iCloud keeps all of your reminders on all your devices.


Safari App Icon


Safari is your web browser on your iPad. With fast Wi-Fi or cellular data connections, your web pages will load in a blink! If you tap the reader icpn, all you will see is the article you are reading, so you can read without distraction. With Safari, you can easily share pages you like, and iCloud will keep your bookmarks, tabs, and reading lists up to date across all your devices.


Siri App Icon


Use Siri to get things done, for example, you can tell Siri to text someone for you, or find a nearby restaurant. Siri figures out the right apps to use, then, just like a personal assistant, it replies with the answer. Siri can make FaceTime calls, send messages, schedule meetings, set reminders, and more. You can ask Siri to find scores, showtimes, and much much more.

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